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The Secret Sauce.

Revolutionary science that keeps your body
naturally burning fat

Revolutionary science that keeps your body naturally burning fat

This Holistic Fat Burner is made with Tumeric, Kelp extract and Garcinia Fruit combined with the power of MCT oil, choline, and chromium which boosts Thermogenesis in the body. In layman's terms, it helps your body produce more heat, which leads to increased calorie burning and Fat Loss!

Loaded with Goodness.

Real Results.

Ask the Doctor.

The ingredients in our fat metabolizer trigger a few responses in the body which help you lose weight. The powerful Garcinia Cambogia extract activates within your body and increases your serotonin levels, which make you feel less hungry. Garcinia also blocks an Enzyme called Citrate Lyase in your body which is responsible for fat production. 

L-Carnitine makes your body more efficient at burning Fat. It does this clearing your internal congested highways and delivering fatty acids to your cells where they get burned into energy. This is why Shape Slayer gives you more energy. 

Lastly the super dose of B-6 Vitamin helps convert glycogen into glucose, which gives your body more energy without eating more carbs. Think of it as making your car more fuel efficient where extract more out of the same nutrients. 

Results will vary depending upon your current state but you should experience a reduction in weight within the first 30 days. Take shape slayer every day to keep a consistent caloric burn going. Those with a higher going-in weight will see a larger fat burning effect and large poundage loss.     

After 2 weeks – 30 days you will start to feel more energy as a result of your body becoming more efficient at burning calories and removing fat storage. Your appetite and snack cravings will also come down as the Garcinia Cambogia extract raises your serotonin level, which makes you feel less hungry.

Differing than other Fat Burner supplements which cause upset stomach or headaches, this fat metabolizer is NOT loaded with caffeine which stress the body. The infusion of Algae powder, Kelp extract and Tumeric Root Extract also aid in calming your stomach and body.     

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